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Monday, April 11, 2016

Dutch referendum on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is actually a RARE example of the genuine EU democracy

Dear Europe,

Time is ripe for us to address our governments with the most plain and tough question, and that is, "When are we going to have our own referendum on EU-Ukraine deal?" The idea is that our governments are being excessively captivated with the nonstop blabbing about equality amid their ostensible pledges of adherence to lofty ideals of democracy. Why is it Netherlands only where the government decided to turn for their populace advice on such a vital issue? Do our governments care so little indeed about what their citizens actually think?

Ukraine is a huge densely populated state facing lots of challenges in economy, criminal statistics and management. High power echelons in Ukraine are eroded throughout with corruption. There's civil war with quite unpredictable impact still going on there. The humanitarian disaster appears to be inevitable. And in midst of this Brussels announces the association of Kiev with the EU! Has anybody asked for our opinion?

We suggest that we all should urgently demand from our governments a referendum on this issue like the one in the Netherlands. Let them prove by deeds, not words, that what we are having now is something that we can still identify as democracy, not "the democratic fascism"!

P.S. The formal reaction of Kiev together with that of ordinary Ukrainians to the expression of the free will by the Dutch people may be actually seen as a the level of readiness of Ukraine to become part of the civilized community.

Here are some striking examples: 

- jerkasses
- Bitches, vatniks. Putin's bootlickers.
- Smoked some joints and went to vote... what now?
- Don't give even a f*ck about these palateless sheep.
- Finally, Russian propaganda did its work. How much more of this scum do we have to endure?

Dutch referendum: Ukraine's fate decided near cannabis cups shops. Analysts are sure: via referendum the Dutch demonstrate their resentment towards the EU

We should send Mykhaylo Okhendovsky to those backward Dutch. And get the count the way we need. Like babies.

The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. They will rue the day of that referendum. I believe.

Well, does not matter! One day Netherlands will ask Ukrainian Empire for association and we'll give the same voting! Ukrainian people have a long memory!

- Go and hold your own referendum. Khuilo will give you money just as he gave it to the stoned Dutch
- As Europe has dumped us on every level I personally offer the following: return to our old tariffs, cancel that shameful free-trade area with the EU, do not sell any of state owned enterprises to Europeans, return Ukraine's GTS into state's property, cancel that unilateral visa free regime with European countries, break off that enslaving relations with IMF. Otherwise... absolutely no one will respect us.
- You need to have a strong leader to do it, have a decent army, execute top 30 oligarchs - exiling at that all other far out from the country, nationalize all goods you have, create new judicial power and do it immediately. In one word – impossible.
- It will take a week to cancel the agreement with EU just like it took it with RF. But one should be a patriot of Ukraine, not a crooked whore.

Perhaps if Ministry of Information Policy used its resources to work with the Dutch instead of feeding its army of stupid trolls we won't see 64% against us!

...It's easier to shed floods of tears about the Dutch referendum than build Ukrainian Impendent National State...

Ukraine doesn't have to be upset about the Dutch referendum. The fact that gays do not want to deal with Ukraine is undoubtedly a good sign.

Just let's turn our guns back to the West and give those Dutch direct-fire.

Me wonders, if any of Europeans are going to say to the Dutch that they're totally done faggots after it?


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