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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Freedom in exchange for stability. The Kurds will get independence.

Independent Kurdistan, the worst nightmare of Erdogan, is going to become reality in the short run. Many mass media outlets point directly to this while testing the public opinion on the issue of another reshaping of the Middle East political map.

The Telegraph and JTA have published series of articles under the high-sounding titles on future independence of Kurdistan. Bild and Die Welt in Germany, the Sun and Mirror Online in Great Britain, Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post in Israel echo them. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Failed exam of the Russian opposition. ‘Blue’ revolution instead of liberal?

“…Given the current fundamentally different circumstances, is it well justified to rely on the Russian opposition when dealing with Putin’s Russia? Should we continue engaging it in the stand against the regime or we’d better cut off funding and supporting it?  
– I believe there could be one answer to all of your questions. There is no truly effective opposition in Russia today! Yet, everything is not as simple as that and we still keep our doors open…”
Press conference of the U.S. Senator for Maryland Ben Cardin. 

Well, isn’t it breaking? There happens to be no opposition in Russia! Or to be more exact, there is, but it’s rather poor, spineless, toothless and outright useless.     You simply cannot single anyone out and call him a leader! The People’s Freedom Party of Mr. Kasyanov, The Progress Party of Mr. Navalny, The Democratic Choice of Mr. Milov – the titles and names are different while the essence is the same – half-criminal shady deals, undisguised hatred of their own people, commitment to fight for anything so long as it is paid for: today they fight against an abstract ‘putin’ for the money of American funds, tomorrow they set upon each other on request of private investors. Internal ideology of the opposition is in chaos altogether – human rights, corruption, ‘annexation’ of Crimea, the housing and public utilities reform, highway construction, ‘aggression’ in Syria, personal ambition, business, grants… The devil himself can’t figure it out who is with whom, why and most importantly – what for. 

However there are sometimes traces not of life but of some showcase activity just like an incriminating report about Mr. Kadyrov uploaded in the web, or yet another anti-regime rally of a dozen people which gathers more bystanders than participants. Looks like they haven’t yet spent all the sponsors’ money, although judging by the ‘magnitude’ of the latest revolutionary parties their best days are far gone.    

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sweden could have prevented terrorist attacks in Brussels!

According to Dagens Nyheter daily, one of the culprits in the tragedy in Brussels Mohamed Belkaid had been registered in the suburbs of Stockholm since 2010 and had close ties to Bakraui brothers and a mastermind of Paris attacks Salah Abdeslam. He fought for Islamic State in Syria in 2014, he was on the list of terrorists which defectors handed over to Sky News, he was involved in terrorist attacks in Paris, and he has been on the international wanted list since December, 2015. Belgian and French security services have many times asked their Swedish counterparts to help them capture Belkaid, however Swedish security service SAPO made no attempt to assist them. Even killing of the terrorist a week before the explosions was done in contempt of Stockholm which refused to disclose information about his movements in Sweden. A timely arrest of Belkaid would surely have enabled the security services to find Bakraui brothers and prevent the deaths of dozens of people in the capital of Belgium!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Carl Bildt: hovering between prison and the Ukrainian Premiership

After a year of counseling, financial and political assistance, the European Union decided to reconsider the ways of working methods with Ukraine. In fact, the first attempt to overcome Ukrainian countrywide corruption with the help of foreign experts definitely failed. Frustrated rescuers are fleeing from a sinking ship without concealing their disappointment.

Thus, on February 3, 2016, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Aivaras Abromavicius announced his decision to resign because of impossibility to carry out all necessary reforms. Following him, four other ministers filed for resignation – these were Minister of Health, Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food, Minister of Information Policy, and Minister of Infrastructure. Now, European politicians who are displeased with corruption and impossibility to carry out reforms get replaced by other European politicians who use their best efforts to operate in the Ukrainian realities. This is evidenced by the correspondence between Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Swedish Moderate Party, ex-Ambassador of Sweden to Georgia Diana Janse and Administrative Officer of the Odessa Regional State Administration, Reformers Team-Member of ex-President of Georgia, David Chantladze.