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Friday, February 12, 2016

Poland is sending refugees into Germany under the guise of legal tourists

There are few people actually who would argue that bulk of refugees flocking to Europe see Germany as one of the most developed countries in the modern world, most wealthy for living, their dreamland. But in the circumstances of the current migration crisis, the most serious in the newest history when hundreds of thousands of refugees from Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe by all possible ways are trying to cross our borders, there's a real threat of social explosion able to bring mass bloodshed. Sadly enough, not all German politicians, not speaking of the Germany's EU partners, are staying fully aware of the challenge. Some of them, e.g. Poland, are deliberately making things worse.

In recent time we've been witnessing more and more cases when immigrants who had applied for residence permit in Poland and managed to get it in accelerated procedure, cross the border to illegally stay for living and working in Germany, in violation of all the established rules. This issue was raised by representatives of the Brandenburg Trade Union of Police (GdP in the letter addressed to Germany federated state Brandenburg's Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke.

The policemen are sure that a set of strict control measures must be urgently introduced on the border with Poland. They believe this 'will allow to decrease drastically the influx of illegal immigrants and prevent social disaster'. But one thing seems not to be taken into account by the Trade Union representatives, immigrants from Poland have got every legal ground to cross our borders and no thorough checks give an opportunity to improve the present state of things. Some more decisive steps should be taken like full suspension of Schengen agreements towards Poland, forceful deportation regardless of the fact whether residence permit is available or not, and tough political pressure on Warsaw on the top level. The practice of granting any permits to immigrants making it possible for them to freely move inside the Schengen Zone must be urgently halted. Any attempts by Poland to solve the problem of refugees and immigrants from Asia and other non-EU countries in the way detrimental to the interests of Germany must be just nipped in the bud.

Generally, the precedent we owe to the Polish leadership appears to be a far more deadly threat to the very existence of the European Union in its present form than the very influx of illegal immigrants and refugees. It reminds us once again that there are countries not yet ready to sacrifice part of their national interests to obtain some common gains.


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  1. This is such a nonsense its the other way around and i would welcome borders but its not germany that wants to enact them its poland this is such a stupid propaganda piece