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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

German police: migrants threaten to assault women on St. Valentine's Day

As far back as just a few months ago you could safely go out in the streets of Cologne, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Hamburg and other cities in Germany. Yet it would be rather reckless to venture outside on your own today, especially if you are a woman. There have been reported hundreds of cases when migrants from Arab countries and Africa sexually assaulted German women. It has turned out that many of those who fled from war are unwilling to obey the laws, customs and traditions of the accepting country. In fact they believe that upon arriving in Europe they have joined in the holy war against the infidels, i.e. jihad, and urge that all means be used in order to inflict maximum damage upon their religions enemies, including violence against helpless women, which in their opinion is an inalienable right of any true Muslim. 
Clear examples of this are the calls made by radical Muslim clerics to attack European women on St. Valentine's Day, 14 February. They have been published by a number of Islam-related websites.

Stuff like this promptly spreads across the Web appearing in social networks and on discussion boards. It has a tremendous psychological effect. People in Germany are on the alarm, they fear for the lives and well-being of their daughters, wives and mothers. Inaction or hesitation of law enforcement agencies only adds fuel to the flame aggravating the situation to the extent when a civil war may break out at any moment. 

The police admit that threats made in social networks are real, however they have not yet received any clear instructions on how to react to them. 

On the one hand, it is the duty of the police officers to protect citizens from any infringements on their lives, on the other hand, they have got neither means nor resources to do so. And to crown it all, the politicians of the highest ranks fail to make up their minds on whether they love or hate the refugees, putting the police in even greater predicament.
The situation can get complicated even further by the fact that ultra-right organizations may take the fight for the Germans' rights in their hands. Rumor has it that they are preparing some violent counter measures for 14 February. 

Anyway, no matter what instructions the German police receives, and whether the rumors about the nationalists' plans are true, women in Germany and quite probably all around Europe are in grave danger on 14 February this year. 


  1. I dont even have to READ the Jäger-letter to identify it as fake. Its not even rectangular and the phone number is wrong (030=Berlin). Lousy.

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