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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Finally, Canal + French TV -- Ukraine: Masks of the Revolution Revealing Nazis in Ukraine

 Paul Moreira, the film director:
During my investigation of the massacre I saw the importance of the nationalist armed units. They were at the forefront of street fighting on Maidan, they formed the battalions to fight in the East… These battalions were created as the parallel police. And, yes, in their ranks, signs of neo-Nazi ideology were obvious.

My investigation is contrary to the generally accepted picture. I knew I would meet strong opposition, charges that I was playing into the hands of Putin. What I did not expect to meet was the denial, sometimes bordering on hysteria. On the Ukrainian sites I called a "terrorist" on the payroll of the Russian special services. They call for a ban of the film. Even the Ukrainian ambassador began to put pressure on the Canal +. And that is what surprises me most. For it seems to me that Ukraine must urgently raise the issue of these paramilitary groups. They are, as it is said in the film, the biggest threat to democracy in Ukraine.

Thanks for the film, France! The first film in West revealing Maidan and calling things by their proper names. Revolution is revolution, massacre is massacre, nationalists are nationalists, neo-Nazis are neo-Nazis. Both thumbs up!

A Look at Ukraine’s Dark Side

It's a great pity that the majority of European main stream media still prefer to keep silence about the fact that the hostilities, the violent seizure of power and the burning of people, committed by the nationalists in Ukraine, have nothing to do with elections n democratic procedures.

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