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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The British Lion makes a come-back

Concerning the role of London in the Iran-Saudi Arabia conflict.

During the long peaceful postwar period, Great Britain was rather staying overshadowed by the Big Brother across the Atlantic than forced to side of the mainstream road in the world political game. The griping love story with the EU structures also failed to add more strength to the Foreign Office even in the regions that used to be the British Empire domain. The situation was drastically changed after the cabinet of David Cameron came into power in May, 2010. That elegance of the British government which so skillfully managed to bury the foreign ambitions of the French president Nicolas Sarkozy, it is actually worth mentioning as a learning curve to be included into the instruction manuals for future diplomats. Staying fully aware of the tough threat of the Mediterranean Union, the project lobbied by France, able to deprive Britain of control over its military presence along the Gibraltar-Malta-Cyprus line in the Mediterranean, the Cameron government came out with the initiative of the ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya. That was exactly the step to start the NATO mission in Libya, which, when accomplished, resulted in actual ruining of the Mediterranean Union project and British come-back to active Mediterranean policy. ‘In terms of assessing our might we are back into the Mediterranean of 1943’, declared David Cameron summing up the results of the Libyan mission in his speech dated October 19, 2011. Since that time, London has been consistently boosting its participation in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions.