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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Red Alert: Advice against all travel. Or why would anyone go to Turkey these days?


There’s no doubt that until recently Turkey was one of the most popular and welcoming destinations for tourists from all over the world. But… in the light of the recent events hospitality of Turks cannot but raise certain grave reservations.

Despite being a modern and moderate Muslim country, Turkey’s beaches are already toured by devout Muslim patrols that hand out leaflets to foreign women in bikinis telling them ‘to cover up’. While local Muslim women of all ages themselves prefer now hijabs to European clothes and even wear colorful all-in-one bathing costumes that cover their bodies from head to foot.

Day 1. Occurring everywhere howling of muezzins harmfully jumped into my head — ‘I am in the lands of muslims’. Turkish language appeared to be rubbish for my ears — every time I heard it behind my back I caught an impression that somebody was telling someone else about how he’s going to kill me and get rid of dead body. I noticed those spiteful glares of Turkish women — wearing black plastic garbage bags on their heads — paid our wives and girlfriends. I’ve never thought that sooooooo many women in Turkey wear those garbage bags and even swim in it.


Well, since IS terrorists committed those bloody attacks on Paris how would you like Turkish humor and jokes concerning the sore issue:


Ok, just show me that idiot who’d say it makes fun just three weeks after massacre in Paris and especially among tourists making their vacaton with children.
Keep both feet on the ground: the trouble in Turkey is not on the border with Syria only. The trouble is Turkey itself — so long as it allows freedom of movement to IS across its territories. Thousands of foreign nationals have recently used Turkey as a transit route to join terroristic IS groups in Syria, while acting IS members can still freely visit Turkish resorts and even share one beach with you and your family.

Finally, for Turkish hostility speaks the ‘respect’ Turkish audience paid two weeks ago in Istanbul to the ‘moment of silence’ in honor of the victims of the Paris attacks during UEFA friendly.

Through those whistles and boos Turkish fans have perfectly demonstrated the side they are standing on. That is still a great question to me why didn’t UEFA immediately cancel the match, why didn’t our national team leave the field, why finally didn’t UEFA give us additional guardians in visitors sector. That was terrifying, I repeat. Turkey has certainly become a bad place for non-muslim people to visit

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