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Sunday, December 13, 2015

After Paris attacks, Muslim people face rising tide of Islamophobia all over Europe

Racist graffiti and pig heads thrown into mosques, veiled Muslim women subjected to insults and harassments in the streets, the Internet awash threats against Muslim – tolerance in Europe got limits.
 After bloody attacks in Paris, anti-Islamic mood emerges all over the European Union countries. In some places the atmosphere is really red-hot: police step up regular mosques patrol while women wearing hijabs are strongly recommended to use personal transport and avoid showing in the public.
France: ‘Attacks against Muslims began the very same night of the Paris attacks’ – Yasser Louati of the Collective Against Islamophobia in France.

The day following the attacks, a security guard at the Spanish clothing brand Zara store in France denied entry to a woman customer wearing hijab.
UK: Scotland Yard report shows a spike in Islamophobic hate crime of more than 300 per cent, in the week following the killings in France.

In Germany where the sore issue problem exists always as it is, for now xenophobia got all ideal conditions to go overboard. For instance, six months ago any person following Islam could easily lose his job just on religious grounds. Got not even a doubt that the authorities of Germany are aware of the situation. Meanwhile, the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel still turns a blind eye repeating it allegedly ‘there is no place for xenophobia racism and extremism’ in her country. 
In Sweden, the rumors have it that after the attacks in France there’s some special and unspoken instruction from Swedish authorities – to discharge Muslim workers by hook or by crook and cease hiring Muslim applicants at all strategically important objects such as hydroelectric power stations and nuclear plants, ways of traffic of any kinds, and all mass services ‘for the avoidance of hypothetic acts of terrorism’.
The rise of Islamophobia in Europe seems to be as obvious as daylight. The only question now is how the European authorities are going to deal it or not going at all.  


  1. Islamophobia isn't real. A 'Phobia' is an irrational fear of someone or something, fear of Islam is very rational & people who say they don't fear Islam in their country are lying. The only solution is Deport all Islamists & those that won't leave the country, kill them, keep killing them until you kill the very last one. And then, kill his goat!

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