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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Global oil market prospects within the context of threatened Daesh seizure of Libyan and Iraqi oil fields

Valuation of crude oil is one of the main issues of concern for financial analysts all over the world now because of the stable trend to oil prices’ fall, outlined in 2014. In just two years ‘black gold’ price slumped by almost 60%, provoking a number of negative macro-economic processes and the fever hitting the global currency market. Currently oil price continues its decline amid the disproportionate increase in oil supply against growth in its demand at the market. The main factors shaping this process are:

-    the increase in supply of OPEC nations’ hydrocarbons;

-    the growth in volumes of shale oil deliveries from the USA;

-    Iran’s possible return to the oil market.

Monday, December 28, 2015

American Suicide Story

We are constantly staying scared of something. We are scared of being late for our work, of forgetting of a vital appointment, of being subject to robbery or just of running over by a car. The life of a modern human being is filled with fears, dangers and anxieties.

People are so much used to stay in fear that at times they seem just to miss this feeling as some essential part of their lives. We are actually in constant search of fear and in absence of it we tend to invent it or just address mass media.

Indeed, an unsophisticated person is unlikely to fancy all the great variety of risks and threats so readily offered by mass media outlets. Traffic accidents, air crashes, killings, sexual assaults, robberies, terrorist attacks, suicides and mishaps of all sorts, the diversity of variants just boggles the mind.

In midst of this great diversity some choices look somewhat more appealing to us. We like catastrophes, don’t we? Whether they are of anthropogenic or natural origin, this doesn’t matter much, as it is. The core thing here is the death toll. The more deaths, the better it is. The more scaring things occur, the more interest we take in them.

Perhaps this accounts for such great popularity of disaster films. Meteoritic falls, solar super flares, Yellowstone eruption…. the scenarios may be different.

Sadly enough, in real life misfortunes may come just out of the blue without any warning. There’s no hope for any relief of happy end. What is left is only panic, some bodily fear and despair, just like it is depicted in famous The Triumph of Death picture by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

There are some similar things I’d like to share you with here.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

After Paris attacks, Muslim people face rising tide of Islamophobia all over Europe

Racist graffiti and pig heads thrown into mosques, veiled Muslim women subjected to insults and harassments in the streets, the Internet awash threats against Muslim – tolerance in Europe got limits.
 After bloody attacks in Paris, anti-Islamic mood emerges all over the European Union countries. In some places the atmosphere is really red-hot: police step up regular mosques patrol while women wearing hijabs are strongly recommended to use personal transport and avoid showing in the public.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Export of terrorism: shadow business of the Erdogan family

Many observers say that ISIS militants enjoy targeted support of a number of countries, including Turkey. According to Turkish oppositional media, Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkey’s President, and Berat Albayrak, his son-in-law, monitor flows of smuggled oil from regions of Syria captured by ISIS to bulk plants and refineries located in Turkey. However, up to now, most mass media has tried ignoring this subject. The Turkish leader rejects similar accusations, too. Nevertheless, there is the secret to very few people that Turkey has capitalized on the Syrian civil war rather well through rendering comprehensive assistance to various terrorist groups. More and more often one can hear that the 900 km long Turkish-Syrian border is the one which makes it possible for ISIS to exist and prosper.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Red Alert: Advice against all travel. Or why would anyone go to Turkey these days?


There’s no doubt that until recently Turkey was one of the most popular and welcoming destinations for tourists from all over the world. But… in the light of the recent events hospitality of Turks cannot but raise certain grave reservations.

Despite being a modern and moderate Muslim country, Turkey’s beaches are already toured by devout Muslim patrols that hand out leaflets to foreign women in bikinis telling them ‘to cover up’. While local Muslim women of all ages themselves prefer now hijabs to European clothes and even wear colorful all-in-one bathing costumes that cover their bodies from head to foot.