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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ukrainian far-right football hooligans attack Europeans before Champions League match.

It is reported that about 60-100 Ukrainian nationalists attacked fans of Swedish ‘Malmo’ before UEFA Champions League match in Lvov. Most of Swedish fans were brutally beaten, some barricaded in the local bars, some scattered around the city. According to the Swedish participants of the fight, local police has totally ignored the attack while Ukrainian nationalists had even knives with them to kill.

The information about the fight is confirmed by the official twitter of ‘Malmo’ FF. Representatives of the Swedish club asked the fans not to come to the pub ‘Dublin’, near which the attack took place, and advised not to walk around the city with the symbols of ‘Malmo’ and alone:

As well the attack is confirmed by the chairman of the Swedish supporter union in his twitter:
 None of the attackers been arrested. Some ‘spoils’ of the attack has already appeared in web:
 along with ‘positive’ reaction on behalf of some Ukrainian citizens:
To all the attack was hardly about football only. All Ukrainian ultras are known as followers of nationalist ideology, while fans of “Malmo” – left. Moreover, Swedish fans have repeatedly and openly stated their fight against neo-Nazi.
Did you know that FIFA has already lifted a ban on Ukraine’s Lvov due to  several racist and discriminatory incidents  including displaying neo-Nazi banners and making ‘monkey noises and gestures’ along with Nazi salutes in 2013?

Meanwhile UEFA is currently investigating into a shameful racist attack committed on black fans in Kiev during local Dynamo vs Chelsea match in October.

Say it once again: ‘there is NO fascism in Ukraine’…


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