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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sweden has refused to disclose information on military crimes of the Ukrainian Army

It’s been a well-known fact for quite a while that mercenaries from all round the world were fighting with Ukrainian Army. Nobody is trying to conceal it. As for their involvement in war crimes (tortures, massacre of civilians and shootings of POWs, etc.), it hasn’t been confirmed so far. Quite recently a citizen of Sweden and a participant in the Donbas war activities on the side of Ukrainian Army has been detained following the relevant court ruling. He is accused of military crimes on Ukrainian territory.

As it becomes evident from a letter of an official from Swedish Ministry of Justice to the head of the Department on national security and defense of Ukraine Mr. Pokotilo, Ukrainian side addressed Swedish law enforcement structures with the request to stop the investigation. 

Sweden denied the request citing reliable data proving the suspect’s guilt. The Swedish Ministry of Justice is set to keep the lid on information able ‘to harm national interests of Ukraine’. And these are going to be court proceedings behind closed doors. Needless to say, wide public will be actually deprived of any chance to get authentic information on the case doomed to be forgotten soon. As for his ‘15 minutes of fame’, the short-lived media publicity, the war criminal may well leave any hope of this to ever occur. 

There’s nothing to be happy about actually. On one hand, we may hope for the punishment of the criminal. On the other hand, once again the information about the military crimes against the Ukrainian people committed by the Ukrainian Army and mercenaries supportive of it is going to be missed on the international community. In its turn it means that atrocities against the innocents will fail to be stopped.

The logic prompts only one question in the context, ‘what are all those victims for’? Are they actually worth of nothing, all those precious values and ideals of Europe pompously reiterated over and over again by politicians?


  1. I notice that three major Swedish newspapers--Aftonbladet, Expressen and Svenska Dagbladet; are incredibly swift in "knowing" that the letter is fake. They all use the same word "false." Propaganda. They are afraid of Mr. Putin and do not want any provocation that can trigger him. It is obvious that Putin has thought about Åland and Gotland recently . . .

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  2. Probably some prorussian action...

  3. Stop lying, sluta ljug.

  4. Steven ...i think you wrote these letters just to get famous .......we will find out...

  5. https://youtu.be/-ECA4oUi8AU

  6. I notice that the signature on the letter is covered and so it is impossible to see the signature. If there is one. Tora Holst, the prosecutor in the case, denies that she has signed the letter. Well, if there is a signature on the letter why don´t You show it ? If the signature is written with a pen (as it should be) then it is possible to identify as real or false. Now I´m not Sherloch Holmes, but why would a prosecutor put her signature on such an incriminating letter and then DENY that she wrote it ? Not plausible in my opinion

  7. It's a fake letter! Please update your blog accordingly!


  8. @ The Swede
    How do You know it is a false letter ? Because Holst says so ? But Laack should display the signature and if written with a pen the signature should be analyzed by an expert. It IS a fact that Sweden, as an ally of USA, support Ukraine.