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Monday, June 15, 2015

What does agent Magnolia fear?

This is the seventh year the former lecturer of CPSU High School, Dalia Grybauskaite, is at the head of Lithuania. We, the Lithuanian people, ourselves elected her to the presidency, evaluating her successes in the country’s advance towards European integration on its merits. But depositing a voting paper in the ballot-box, nobody saw that the political temporizer, simply returned the party membership card in time and made a bolt to the people, was coming to power. And this is the case when Lithuania has sufficient number of true fighters for freedom, those, who sacrificed own career, but withdrawn from the criminal party mandate; who were left destitute, but not collaborated with KGB; who returned to a starving country, blocked by the Soviets, from emigration in 1991 in order to build democracy here.

But the human memory is rather short. Six years ago we put in the chair of the country’s president the woman, who is the typical creature of Soviet epoch; who, if it was necessary, could enter the party or secede from it, and then find herself in the USA on work experience. The writer of these lines is more than sure the story of agent “Magnolia” that is periodically raked up by weak pro-Moscow bloggers is also the truth. At that time the status of KGB “informer” was some kind of indulgence for many sins. Let’s get all our logic, and take into account specific sexual preferences of our dear President. She, surely, cannot have worked at the Party High School and simultaneously stayed away from the state security apparatus. But here in exchange for her recognizance to collaborate our quirky Dalia got a chance for supporting opportunity to advance and safe conduct in case of her “rose-colored tricks”.

Then 1990 came on. And Dalia had to decide whether to capitulate or not. Oh, certainly, at Supreme Council of Lithuania all aced in it as there were a lot of such ones as our “Magnolia” at that time. And, surely, Dalia’s old girl-friend network “was earthed” by the KGB agents pretty well. But you know, the very Soviet special-service agents have always maintained as if “agency is their oracle”, “die trying to save records!”

So it is not obvious that “Magnolia”, changed suddenly from Comrade to Madam, has hastened to repent her errors. Only the very Americans, who invited her to a traineeship in 1991, surely, would not have over the woman with so shady past. Maybe, she repented not before the national lustration’s commission, but directly before the US State Department officials, eh? And, in any case, there are many of Dalia’s girl-friends, who are linked together not only by friendship, in the list that such honest campaigner as Paulauskas wants to make public now. It’s only strange that up to now he doesn’t understand with whom he has got in touch. Dalia will never hand ass over herself or her friends. Remember last year’s story with leakage of information from inamorata and closest aide of our country’s head, Daiwa Ulbinayte! Charges have been disorganized, and Daiwa continues to take seat in Executive Office of the President and in the President’s bed. It will also be for the list, although a hundred to one there is no more Dalia’s name there. And many others are absent in it, too…

Thus, we take a long time to learn who has betrayed own people’s interests, and, mind you, with impunity. People of this character won’t be brought even to condign censure. After all, thanks to their information against true patriots of Lithuania many a dozen of them were sent to prisons and looneybins. As to Dalia, she will continue to govern us, deeply swimming between various political groups, butting their heads if necessary.

Opinion translated.

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