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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lawlessness, hatred and violence. But is it the way to go, Merica?

"Black America. Our country. Our rules "

Black Defense Foundation – is another online organization promoting and protecting rights and freedoms of blacks in North America. The slogan of the organization you’ve just read above. Nothing special, just another online resource that actively attracts publics and focuses on violations of rights of black people in US, that police brutality towards black Americans, discrimination of "colored" etc. Below, there s a couple of materials, kind of which the Black Defense Foundation volunteers r promoting all over the net:

Ok, me personally not going to comment it anyhow. This country taught me to be politically correct and avoid talks about race and segregation.

But… as it is known, there are two sides of the same coin. Always.
Current events -- Ferguson, Baltimore. I seriously doubt that since now anyone living there and being white would ever want to join and work in local police. I guess very soon the already small population of white people will hasten to move somewhere away from these places – somewhere, where they’ll feel safe at least. White people are already leaving Texas, California, Arizona ... Anglo-Saxon culture steadily moves to the North. "Black America" begins to manifest itself more clearly on the map - "other" country with its own "other" rules.

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