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Monday, April 6, 2015

The ‘Final Solution’ to the National Question in Ukraine?

During the last decade of the 20th century discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, skin color, or sexual orientation seemed to be a dead and gone part of the history of Western civilization. But in the 21st century it does not look like anachronism at all.

The confirmation of this view comes from the answering letter that follows below. That’s a response of the BioCenter of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences to the request of Ukraine’s Embassy in Stockholm for possible use of Swedish ‘racial hygiene’ experience in modern Ukraine. 
 In fact, in the center of the European continent, there is a predominance of ideas, which criminality and inhumanity has been proved with the march of time and the evolution of the ages being widely supported by European leaders. I doubt that Ukrainian leaders will ever put in practice the named measures of artificial control of human population towards own ‘troublesome’ national minorities, if Ukrainian authorities really want to see themselves in Europe. But the sheer fact that such thoughts may come to heads of Kiev’s politicians demonstrates us just how cannibal are Ukrainian authorities’ views towards inter-ethnic relations (I do not think Ukraine’s Minister Klimkin who is also mentioned in the letter has appealed in Stockholm on his own initiative). And the very sad thing in this story is readiness of civilized Europe’s scientists to implement downright Nazi ideas (for money or for reasons of political solidary with Kiev) as necessary; ideas that, as it’s recognized, were disseminated by Breivik only among marginal persons. 

Here's translation for the letter in eng: 

To the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Sweden

Dear Mr. Tseluiko

Your request has been thoroughly considered and analyzed by leading experts of the BioCenter of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

The BioCenter adheres to internationally recognized democratic values, moral principles, medical ethics and human rights norms. And so our experts are not engaged in medical genetics research activities in the field of curbing births of genetically flawed babies. Our main target is gene upgrading of agricultural crops and exploring of climate change impact on agriculture. Still the BioCenter is now in possession of some archives used to belong to State Institute for Racial Biology (later renamed as Institute of Medical Genetics) which might be of great interest to You in Your field. Gender research, functional genomics and biological technologies, dealing with the health of human race as it is, continue to be our agenda.

Taking into consideration the personal request of Mr. Klimkin, the officials in charge of the BioCenter are set to assist You with all the possible means, including the involvement of some key experts and some archive stuff on the theme of interest. Research work is to be presented in form of a special report, containing the conclusions and recommendations to identify and prevent spreading of the genetic flaws, mutations and modified ancestral features in large groups of population. Some of these conclusions are available in this letter. Our organization sticks persistently to international humanitarian laws, excluding any forms of race discrimination. The data placed below is based on the archive materials and is delivered entirely with the informational aims due to hard humanitarian situation in Ukraine and our understanding of the necessity to render comprehensive aid to Your country.

The experts of the BioCenter have made a psychological and physiological portrait of the model citizen of Ukraine on the basis of the scientific data relating the Ukrainian nationality having its peculiar traits and being part of the European race. Any mismatches are indicative of the substantial gene changes or different national ancestry of a concrete citizen.

Ukrainians, being of Slavonic descent, have their skull and bones of a different shape compared with genetically non-Slavonic Russians heavily mixed with Tatars and Ugro-Finns, Poles (western Baltics dominated by Slavs), Romanians, Hungarians, peoples of Asia and Caucasus regions.

Ukrainians are swarthy dark-haired people (color of straight or a bit wavy, thin hair vary from dark blond to red), not inclined to baldness, with regular face features and brown eyes. Medium height of the grown-ups is 175-190 centimeters (females might be of a smaller size). The height is proportional to the weight. Males have got broad shoulders and narrow hips. The thickening ball of the knee shall be available. Females are thin with slim neck, legs, arms and hips. The swing of the arms is 94-97% of the body length. The oval long skull and narrow face are typical features. The standard skull index is 74. Correlation of the head’s width and length is 3 to 4. The breadth of the face correlates with its length as 10 to 9. The back of the head is salient with rather common iniac and prominent mastoid bone. The jaws and teeth are placed almost vertically. Full face can be described as the one having narrow forehead, slightly curved eyebrows, narrow dorsum of nose, angular narrow chin.  The head is strongly tapered at temples. Eye sockets have the form of oblong ellipse or quadrangle. Cheekbones are turned a bit sideways and are placed almost vertically. The nose is narrow, starting with the bridge, and looking aside from, is often very straight or a bit bent. Nostrils are in the position of the acute angle. The skin on the face is equal. Eyelids are not thick and the slit between them is horizontal. The skin of cheekbones is thin. The lips are rather narrow, not very well cleared up, with the upper lip less bulging than the lower one. The ears are rather small. Aquiline nose, clasped occiput, large eyes positioned below the very top part of the nose are not typical features of the Ukrainian nation.  Both males and females of the Ukrainian nationality shall not practically have any hair on the body.

It’s worth noting that typical features of the Russian nation have nothing in common with the Ukrainian ones. Russians are mostly of medium weight and height having fair hair and light eyes, grey or blue. They are to some extend connected with the Slavonic ethnos mainly due to the Russian language, close to Slavonic languages and having 60-70% non-Slavonic words. The analysis of the genetic stuff from Eastern Ukraine supplied by You has vividly shown that Eastern Slavs in reality don’t differ from Russians, Komi, Mordva and Mariytsy. Our experts point to the genetic differences with the Slavs that shall explain hatred of Russia towards European way of life and the Slavonic Ukrainians. Those are typically Asian behavioral rules.

It’s of utmost importance that the reasons of such lack of correlation with citizens being monitored must be determined rightly to change situation for the better either administratively or medically without infringing the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of National Discrimination approved by the UN General Assembly on December 21, 1965.

Transitional period during which Ukraine is to bring its legislation in accordance with the international norms (forced sterilization including) gives good chance to determine the mainstream line for the nation’s further development. Once the basic common EU regulatory documents are signed, the ability of making vital strategic decisions in this field will be substantially restricted.

According to the accumulated experience of exercising the state sterilization project realized in the Kingdom of Sweden up to 1976 in wake of preventive measures to limit defective reproduction, at the initial stage the classification of the population in medical institutions is a must. The basis should be the mentioned above external signs and ethnic descent, to get the medical data for further revealing of the genetically flawed citizens evidently showing signs of genetic degeneration.

It’s now obvious that the most effective and humanistic method to realize the project involving genetically defective females is their covert sterilization during “voluntary” vaccination to escape oncology diseases. Such vaccination based on successfully approbated in number of countries gene modified medicines based on Gardasil and Cervarix (the list of medicines is applied to the report) may be offered just during the regular visit to a gynecologist or annual clinical check-up. Importantly, while planning such medical projects the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine should consider the existing international laws and stick strictly to the UN General Assembly relevant resolutions and other documents, not to find oneself in the focus of International Criminal Court and escape possible image losses as well.

The more detailed description of physiological and psychological features of the Ukrainian ethnos will be delivered into the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Sweden during the nearest month in framework of the special report, now being prepared by the team of the invited scholars considered to be the followers of Sture Lennart Rayner.

We are most appreciative of Your interest in the activities of the BioCenter of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

P.S. We suggest allocation of additional €1.5 million needed for finalization of the extended report on the problem You take interest in.

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