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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ukraine 404 : The Darwin Awards Winner Country

Poroshenko’s army has been stricken with mysterious pestilence as soon as active warfare started in the East of Ukraine. Now invisible plague mows soldiers right off the armored shell of an IFV 
now the National Guard fighters get some mind disorder which sometimes have signs of mere drunkenness. During such attacks of a disease the victim starts shooting any Tom, Dick or Mykola so that their true Ukrainian and conscious brothers-in-arms get injured. Other extraordinary warriors think big and start firing rocket launcher or even plant ready to fire rocket launchers in some Ukrainian school museum. Who cares if kiddies would take a lark with fireworks? What’s the big deal!

Also there are the Flying Dutchmanesgue buses recruiting dozens of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and vanishing without a trace, just leaving conflicting evidence.
In a broad sense, the majority of Ukrainian military vehicles are hoodoo attempting to rear up and run into woods
The Internet is swamped with such news and videos. You get an impression that all Ukrainian defenders of the motherland suffer from abnormal cack-handedness. It’s no wonder that Ukrainian Army is constantly short of service personnel and that is why enlistment goes on and on in endless waves. Praise the Lord that Ukraine is not a nuclear-weapon state.

Jokes aside, both Ukrainian Command and foreign military trainers of the Ukrainian Army are not worth their salt. It turns that they aren’t competent or willful enough to make qualified militaries of recruited conscripts. Those very people are responsible for the slow blow-by-blow Ukrainian Army self-destruction, which has been going on instead of participation in the anti-terrorist operation.

Meanwhile the State Department has been taunting Kiev with vague glimpse of the lethal weapons supply just like they dangle a carrot in front of a donkey.  Ukraine in unitary burst of joy (or fit of psychosis) with the thunder-like battle “long live” cry is frisking about impatiently as if it were a monkey awaiting a grenade.  What’s the fun actually, I wonder? Half of the national army is staying behind the bars for loss of military equipment committed to their trust or some serious violations of military discipline during military actions. A third of Ukrainian soldiers are in the victim list due to such tragic accidents. At best, those wash-outs with no hand, no foot, no eyes or what else overcrowd local hospitals. But major part of these misfits come back home in coffins or don’t come back at all, their corpses hidden under a thin cover of earth in the boundless Ukrainian steppe.
Generosity of the USA is going to ensure quick and effective promotion of Ukrainian army from a mere gathering of freaks prone to misfortunes of all sorts to a real disaster. Soon Ukrainian soldiers will get a chance to kick the bucket in the fancy-schmancy manner, using all those Javelins and Stingers.

The biggest worry should be not to be sent away flying to the alien zone by one of these toys for you may find yourself in the list of deserters after such trip rather than among the “Heavengly Hundred”. 

All in all, if Ukrainians brave it to play the “Russian roulette”, Big Brother is always set to help. Any bauble of folly will keep baby jolly.

It would be actually OK if it were only Ukrainian business. They may keep exploding themselves till the full victory of their independence project. It’s a well-known fact that a Ukrainian “with a grenade” is a direct threat to everything and everybody in the responsibility zone of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Give him that Stinger and you’ll see Boeings crashing one after another and all other  objects, moving, flying and creeping nearby, will be hit.

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