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Monday, March 23, 2015

35% of seats for Afro-Americans in proposed ‘public Missouri Police Oversight Committee’

The Black Defense Foundation, an organization claiming to cherish the rights of African Americans, published a letter by Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of the US Congress Committee on the Judiciary, addressed to Todd Richardson, the Majority Floor leader of the Missouri House of Representatives. In this letter Goodlatte suggests that Richardson should ‘consider drafting a bill to establish a public Missouri Police Oversight Committee and allocate at least 35% of seats in it to Afro-Americans’.

On one hand, it’s no wonder that the letter provoked a burst of indignation on the part of the Black Defense Foundation. Instead of initiating real steps to pacify tensions reaching its climax not only in Missouri but throughout the whole country Mr. Goodlatte is ready for only some miserable pittance to get rid of ‘those annoying blacks’. Mr. Goodlatte seems to feel absolutely exhausted to go on with any activity aimed at full assimilation of African Americans into the white America. It’s much easier for him to make them feel once again inferior and not good enough to be part of the American entity.

On the other hand, the ideas of the Black Defense Foundation are beyond any thinkable limits. Fancy the committee consisting of black members only who have access to any possible information, including FBI investigations and other! All in all, those are not only rights of the black that are being infringed in this country. There are also Arabs, Latinos, Indians, Jews and other racial minorities who live in here and face the same problem.  Why aren’t they taken into consideration too, I wonder?

Furthermore, quite often the data turns out to be sensitive enough to flow unlimited to people with no access to top classified data. It’s highly probable that such practice might lead to state secrets leak into the wrong hands. Does the Black Defense Foundation mean that every committee member should be qualified to get access to work with classified information and be subject to constant control? If so, the number of the staffers is going to steadily rise according to Parkinson’s law. And this can’t bring us an inch closer to the solution of the problem. That’s absolutely illogical!

And the last thing to mention, it is African Americans in the first run who have got to do their best to change the society’s attitude towards them. Say, they could think of creating some social organizations engaged in reforming criminal folks (they are mostly black btw). Cutting of unemployment benefits and other social allowances would also be quite a good stimulus for them. This could make them equal to white Americans who are not allowed to have this kind of aid of allowance and thus feel forced to work more to earn decent living for their families. It’s also necessary to lift all the laws and rules connected with the so called Affirmative Action. This will result in chain reaction and they’ll have to study and work more and distract less. I’m dead sure this would result in dramatic drop of crimes involving African Americans. I bet you the police and the society will stop seeing a hypothetical criminal in every black man passing by. They will stop being a shooting target for the police and there won’t be a reason for new social unrest……  


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