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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So much passionately and wholeheartedly kissing with West Poroshenko cannot but should mind the Gaddafi’s poor fate.

Well, so this is currently drifting over the net:

QUOTE -- bla bla bla - ‘All the preparatory measures recommended by you to improve the situation have been taken. Officials of the presidential administration, members of Verkhovna Rada and Prosecution executives have been motivated. The SBU remains under tight control’… - bla bla bla

Seems like the captain of battered schooner ‘ukraine’ has just got a black spot additionally to all his troubles. And if the letter signed by certain Erler Gernot can be trusted then I'm starting to guess that  another mutinity is going to take place in Kiev soon, quite silent and lightning this time. NATO pirates have sung a song and since now for Poroshenko his days are obviously numbered.

Two years ago the same song in unison been sung for colonel Gaddafi whom finally the whole world seen lying dead in market fridge. The colonel, who used aviation and artillery against mercenaries in Benghazi, was accused of war crimes and finally... was killed. And his Libya is still burning… 

What currently Poroshenko does is using regular Ukraine's army against women and children in E. Ukraine… still facing at that absolutely no bars. 

Ok, the West continues to ignore those obvious parallels between Libya and the current situation in Ukraine. But what should Mr. Poroshenko do for himself is mind that poor and infamous fate of the colonel.           

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