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Friday, February 13, 2015

Flight SK 1755: who needs false sensation?

 On December 12, last year, outside the airspace of Sweden there was an accident with the Cimber Sterling jet presently operative in SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Flight SK 1755 from Danish Copenhagen to Polish Poznan was entering a planned climb when the air traffic controllers’ instruction came to recover from the climb due to dangerous close presence of an unidentified plane. The collision was luckily avoided. 

Any of the listed below planes could be blamed for possible airborne collision:

-    SAS Scandinavian Airlines flight SK 752 Warsaw - Copenhagen, according to the records of the talks between the air traffic controller and the pilot, present at this time in this designated area
-    NATO RC 135 jet
-    Russian reconnaissance plane.

Formally, Sweden position on the accident, supported by major European and American mass media outlets, amounts to asserting that it was exactly Russian military plane, flying with its transponder off,  that nearly provoked the collision. The aim was allegedly to check the reaction of NATO airborne units to provocative actions'

The Russian military agency in its turn pointed to the NATO air maneuvers taking place in the mentioned area at the time with the RC 135 being much closer to civilian flight than the Russian plane. It’s worth noting that NATO planes are used to fly with their transponders off as well.

Considering tense relationship between Russia and the West, it seems not so much important which plane actually nearly collided with SK 1755. They would habitually put all the blame on Russia. Revoke the memories of another accident dated November, 2014, when the French jet intruded into the Swedish air space but it was Moscow that they made the side to blame for it. Both cases appear to be just part of information war and somebody is just striving to portray Russia an aggressor.

Meanwhile, none of mass media outlets have mentioned the fact that it was only December 8 that Cimber Sterling started operating as part of SAS. It had been previously owned by Cyprus offshore Manswell Enterprises which in its turn is run by Ukrainian billionaire and Dnepropetrovsk region governor Igor Kolomoisky. After the ousting of Yanukovich he became sort of a regional tsar. He has got at his disposal several paramilitary battalions operative in war hostilities in eastern parts of Ukraine. Kolomoisky is engaged in long standing opposition to Russia where they have launched a criminal case against him. Despite official sale of the company the Ukrainian tycoon is still having influence on its top managers sufficient enough to make them cite in their report information benefitting his interests and fitting our politicians’ agenda at the same time. Naturally, under the present circumstances nobody will bother to dig into this sort of delicious stuff to check it again. What for, actually? All in all, there are no victims. As for the truth….. well….. can you remember when you really heard the truth from a pol last?  

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