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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sweden is demanded that expiation of collaboration with the Third Reich should be done!

The attempts of Polish leaders to illustrate the contribution of certain members of Anti-Hitler Coalition in the victory over German in accordance with the saying ‘Wojska Polski Berlin brala. A radziecki – pomogala’ might be considered as habitual and even relevant to current conditions if only Warsaw would hold back from unmotivated slaps in the face of eventual European allies. Trying to draw as many influential foreign guests as possible to the celebration on May 8 on Westerplatte Poland’s MFA head seems to be about to recall every single person in Europe to his former fault for his country. One cannot name the position of Warsaw in reference to Sweden other than ‘blackmail threat’ as it follows from the letter of Grzegorz Schetyna to Margot Wallstrom:

What ‘past mistakes’ of the Kingdom is it all about?! Sweden has been consistently following the policy of neutrality for extended period of time. This is what provided Sweden with conditions for political stability and economic prosperity. Perhaps, if only Poland did not aim to play the role in European affairs that doesn’t match her abilities the way Rzeczpospolita did, then Polish nation wouldn’t face the threat of losing its nationhood so many times and be the place for such inhuman experiment like the Holocaust!

What next demands of Warsaw are going to be? Will taking part in Polish edition of the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II be enough to ‘atone for the past mistakes’ as Mr Schetyna named it? Or will Warsaw demand the Kingdom to pay reparations the other day? Will Swedish officials, politicians and military officers – the ones who still live and who did not stand against Hitler back then – now have to undergo the International Court of Justice?

Then why in this case limit with the only Sweden? Just imagine, what demands Warsaw might have for Spain for declaring neutrality only in 1943 even though she did not declare war against the Anti-Hitler Coalition. Most certainly, a lot of cry will be raised about the volunteer Blue Division that left a sad memory behind in Poland. Switzerland, Portugal, Monaco, Ireland and Liechtenstein also kept neutral, therefore, following Poland’s logic have to pay reparations to atone for their fault. We can only guess how not very rich Andorra, Afghanistan, Yemen, San-Marino and other countries are going to bail out of this difficulty. Not speaking about countries which openly assisted Hitler, like Finland, Romania, Hungary and others. They won’t be able to pay off to Poland to the end of time!

Are Polish leaders not afraid of being held demands against? For instance, Prague may make a claim against Poland for partition of Czechoslovakia and annexation of Cieszyn Silesia in 1938. Or heirs of the Holocaust victims may sue Poland for collaboration with fascists in creation of death camps. In any case, that would be more righteous than erratic insinuations of Mr Schetyna towards Kingdom of Sweden!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

US secretly passes arms to Ukraine, while Ukraine secretly passes it to… Bashar Assad Army

Just while Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Senator Bob Corker, is sending letters to Obama urging him to provide weapons to Ukraine, the internet has just revealed yet another bounty stuff for US taxpayers - here are some documents spreading currently all around the web which confirm that the US ALREADY supplies arms to Ukraine and does it without any the Senate approval, while in turn Ukraine resells it to (!!) Syrian Army of Bashar Assad:

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine P. Mehed to Bashar Assad Army general Talal Makhlouf: ‘ The shipment is to be effected strictly within the time limits of the schedule approved as part of the agreement. ‘

So if the released document - printed in Ministry of Defense of Ukraine official letterhead paper and signed by the Deputy minister of Ukraine’s Defense - can be trusted then… here we are: the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine holds close ties with Bashar Asssad, got ‘agreements’ with his generals, got ‘suggestions’, ‘time limits’ and even ‘schedules approved’ ‘in entire accordance’ with which the Syrian army is supplied currently with the US made SCAR-h and APR rifles, mortars, medical kits etc.

Business is business. Kiev unscrupulously makes max fortune of war in its territories.

Finally here comes the very first, unpublished, reaction on behalf of the Senate:

Ok, can’t wait to hear smth officially on the issue.  

Friday, February 13, 2015

Flight SK 1755: who needs false sensation?

 On December 12, last year, outside the airspace of Sweden there was an accident with the Cimber Sterling jet presently operative in SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Flight SK 1755 from Danish Copenhagen to Polish Poznan was entering a planned climb when the air traffic controllers’ instruction came to recover from the climb due to dangerous close presence of an unidentified plane. The collision was luckily avoided. 

Any of the listed below planes could be blamed for possible airborne collision:

-    SAS Scandinavian Airlines flight SK 752 Warsaw - Copenhagen, according to the records of the talks between the air traffic controller and the pilot, present at this time in this designated area
-    NATO RC 135 jet
-    Russian reconnaissance plane.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So much passionately and wholeheartedly kissing with West Poroshenko cannot but should mind the Gaddafi’s poor fate.

Well, so this is currently drifting over the net:

QUOTE -- bla bla bla - ‘All the preparatory measures recommended by you to improve the situation have been taken. Officials of the presidential administration, members of Verkhovna Rada and Prosecution executives have been motivated. The SBU remains under tight control’… - bla bla bla

Seems like the captain of battered schooner ‘ukraine’ has just got a black spot additionally to all his troubles. And if the letter signed by certain Erler Gernot can be trusted then I'm starting to guess that  another mutinity is going to take place in Kiev soon, quite silent and lightning this time. NATO pirates have sung a song and since now for Poroshenko his days are obviously numbered.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

AN-225 Mriya: NATO tanks for Ukraine?

Several days have passed since the emergence of the first information on loading of the upgraded T-72A on board of the Ukrainian freighter Mriya at the Czech airport. Presently, with the mass media ado about it going down, I suggest that we should sort it out and just delve into it.

Now, on January 26 the photo from the Czech Republic Janacek airport in Ostrava appeared in Inet. It showed the loading of four T-72A repaired tanks on the Ukrainian AN-225 Mriya.

According to the official version, the tanks were to be delivered to Nigeria. Nigeria’s government made the contract with the Excalibur Army company.