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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ukrainian membership in the EU: a dream or reality?

Even after such dogmatic statement of European Commission ex-President, J. M. Barroso as “the EU is not ready at this stage to offer its membership to Ukraine because for successful political and economic integration with the EU Ukraine should go through a long road of rather painful reforms and transformations”, it have already been clear that Europeans are not in haste to take Ukraine the rightful place in their EU family. And just after the categorical proposition of Jan Tombinski, the EU Ambassador to Ukraine, who has recently said that there is no any sense for current Ukraine to request EU membership because of most EU member-states’ disagreement to support such step, it becomes absolutely obvious to everyone that the door has been deafeningly closed to Ukraine’s entry into the EU!

But were the EU doors actually opened for Ukraine? Oh, no, of course! Simply during the revolutionary upsurge new Kiev’s rulers did not wish to hear Brussels’ repeated declarations that Ukrainian membership in the EU is only the top target for current Ukraine, its dream, for the purpose of which Kiev should invest a lot of efforts. Ukrainian full membership in the EU has been always seen by Brussels as far future, the same as EU entry’s perspectives for Turkey that, as you know, is making preparations for it for over 50 years!

But could Ukrainian Euro-integrators ruin their country’s industry and agriculture, bring own economy to practically full destruction and financial collapse, putting Ukrainian people across extreme impoverishment and bloody fratricidal war for the sake of EU membership?! No, a thousand times no! They only lusted after power even through frustrating hopes of own people!

Well, I bethought me that getting their hand on power, as well as, peremptory reply of the EU (the Ukrainian President, P. Poroshenko, was not even invited to the December EU summit in Brussels although just there his country’s problems were to be discussed!), new Kiev’s leaders would start acting for public interests, releasing own citizens from needless illusions at last. But, unfortunately, the growing level of corruption in bodies of Ukrainian government, which results in making off with the money that European neighbors are sending to Kiev now; as well as, absolutely absurd statements of incumbentUkrainian prime minister, A. Yatsenyuk suggests me otherwise. It tells of absolute inadequacy in both historic and current events’ perception of those personalities, who try to guide one of the biggest states of Eastern Europe now! And all that remains for us is to have hope in Ukrainian people. They really can, judging from this, release Europe from the rulers, who in their professional and moral qualities deliver against new times’ goals! But we may only hope that Ukrainians are not mad enough to do a yet grander mistake through solving their problems like so! Although people are always known by the company they keep.

And btw recent events greatly de-escalates our expectations.

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