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Monday, January 19, 2015

GTA V. The most racist online community ever?

Yeah, Grand Theft Auto V will indeed hardly ever climb the top list of the most human video games. But actually for this time the post is not about the game's developers, parent publishers, women rights and Australia... it is about racism. The racism in GTAV is crazy. Just let's be honest - the game is breathing with racism, starting with cops that are openly racist towards the black character, Franklin and up to lazy kids speaking mean racist in online.

Ok, can you now remember the release of GTA 3? Winter 2001-2002. First black character on GTA... and his very first mission - 'steal a bike'...

Well, for now more than 10 years have passed since then. Today the world have already received GTAV as already an open colorful and realistic cyber world. Perfect real life simulation - cars, chicks, money, weapons and absolutely no limits. I'm to be honest here so I must say that for the recent 10 years me personally and my life made a sharp U-turn since I got now wife, got son and got one million more duties of all kinds. No, myself I did not play GTAV online. I haven't still even completed for now the single player game on my xbox. But. You know what? Last week I watched dozens of GTAV gameplay videos on youtube and for sure I'm rather happy to have no time for GTAV than not. And else I'm proud of my son who plays baseball next street instead of spending his spare time virtually. (I really hope that young man is for baseball there, not weeds).

So, here're some clips for you to get it shortly - in Rockstar they have initially made the game containing a proper portion of racist trolling:

here start watching from 2m07s:
Let's go on. Those who play GTA Online know that practically all players now got mics and every of them is free to say whatever he want and put it into the virtual air. Unfortunately the GTA Online air is completely packed with racist outrage:


Not all again. In addition to all the above mentioned I'm leaving here some comments being left recently in GTA Online forum:

Jobber (US) says: "Its nuts. My character in GTA Online is black and I joined a random race. All the other players had mics and they were surprised to see a black guy enter their bike race. They then said to "watch out for the black guy. He is going to shoot and rob us." Then after the bike race I stayed and joined a team deathmatch with those other players. All the players started taking bets and said "the black guy must not win". I don't know how to feel about this."

Neil Walet (US) says: "I just found another racist crew in GTA Online, with the nazi sign, crew name 'Mord-Ruf-181', their tag 'MRD8'. Reported them. Please do it as well to stop racism."

ottercut (US) says: "Fook u GTA! Is it for Chicago or for the whole US? I play black and here are some servers which I join to play but... but I cant damn, cant cause stupid racist whites unite every moment i join the game and kill me every 15 sec. Idiots shoot in me, bit me up, use cars to kill me... Damn are u serious? all cause i play black??" 

Ok, this post is AGAINST racism!  

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