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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Yarosh. A genius or... evil genius?

Honestly, leader of Ukrainian nationalists Yarosh creates double impression on me. On one hand, that’s a good thing that there is at least one person in Ukraine who cares about his country’s future and that person sits in the Parliament determining so to say what Ukraine is going to be. But somethings not right. Oh, I almost forgot. The interview with Yarosh was brought you by the Anonymous guys. You may watch a video with most interesting parts translated from Swedish into English

or, if you can speak Swedish, please, read the interview here 

or here on my blog  

Check the full translation into English under the cut. 

Now, why Yarosh is surprising me. Here he is boiling over the fact that no one actually is doing his job in the Parliament. This being said, he remarks that he doesn’t have time at the moment to get into the lawmaking process because he is carrying on war in the east of the country. How funny it is. Then what makes him different from other Verkhovna Rada members? I wish to inform you that a country lives first of all in accordance with the laws made by the Parliament members and Yarosh is one of them now. In case a person who is so eager to make his country live in a better way doesn’t have time to make the laws better, then what will change in that country for the better? The answer is NOT A THING.

A second thing that makes me concerned about Yarosh is his reference to Breivik. Sure, Breivik managed to place himself on record. There is hardly a person who hasnt heard about Breivik. A crusader for pure European nation. A martyr suffering from his imprisonment... damn it, who am I kidding? I know a lot of people who would die to ‘sufferer’ in those prison conditions... He even has a PlayStation 2 and threatened a hunger strike until he gets a PS3 earlier this year! And under all that Breivik is a vulgar... mass murderer. And a psychopath. Only a psychopath would try to draw everybody’s attention to the problems he believes most crucial in a radical way. I wonder, if he buys expired milk in a store two times in a row what would he do? Will he blow up the MF store to let that store owner know that selling expired milk is not an option?

Back to Yarosh. Btw, Yarosh and Breivik even look alike. The same Breivik’s recognizable smile on Yarosh’s face... Such a nice guy he is!  

Ukraine will save Europe
An interview with the leader of the Right Sector Ukrainian nationalistic organization.

What are your impressions about the start of your work in Verkhovna Rada?

Frankly speaking, I was rather tense before the first meeting thinking over whom to get in touch first and hoping to see lots of deputies really caring about the future of Ukraine. And at present I’m straying totally disappointed. Instead of functioning legislative structure I just saw sort of low farce. There are those endless breaks, some useless meetings and loafing from one room to another, to say nothing of fisticuffs so typical for the previous Rada, you know.

Have You got any concrete plans for your work in Rada, perhaps some worked out bills?

Russian aggression hasn’t been subdued yet, and while I’m in Peski with my people I just lack time to take up legislative work. But it’s plain clear that work with the Rada members now making majority in Rada is unlikely to bring real results. They are mostly busy sorting it out with each other and getting their financial share just the way the government does it. No bills will be able to change anything until we manage to settle this problem. There are only some competent men in the Rada Committee on National Security and Defense. This is actually not enough to drastically change things in the country.

What’s your aim and that of the Right Sector for future when the war comes to an end?

Me and my fellows, we’ll do our best to establish our authority in Ukraine.

Being a Rada member, are you actually set to use force in the stand-off with Kiev?

Yes, we are. But in fact we are for peaceful settlement of all the inner contradictions inside the country. Sadly enough, the voice of the Ukrainian patriots is missed on the leaders of the country. It can’t last for good. People of Ukraine will stay supportive of us. Ukraine has no other future apart from building its unique national state.

Aren’t you scary of the negative response from the western partners of Ukraine?

No, we aren’t. They’d rather bring things to order in their own countries first to feel themselves in the position of our advisors.

Do you think the measures of western countries to help Ukraine are sufficient?

Honestly, I had never expected any real aid from the politicians now at the wheel in these countries. They just lack will to meet their own challenges. Even Obama can’t pacify the Black in his country. Generally, both western states and Russia shouldn’t be allowed to meddle into the inner life of Ukraine. We are quite able to bring things to normal here. This is our piece of job.

What do you mean?

If there were more determined politicians in western countries now the unfolding situation would be just impossible. An obviously insane man trying to be a small tsar reanimating the empire is forcefully separating the body of the neighboring country into several parts.

Why? Can’t we call a decisive step that introduction of anti-Russian sanctions already having positive effect and ruining the economy of Russia?

No. While officials in Brussels and Washington, are sipping coffee idly looking up the changes of oil price and currency rates and expecting Putin come to lick their boots, we are freezing cold in the trenches. And this may continue throughout years to come. 

Do you mean western actions targeted at Russia have no effect?

Exactly. Moreover, ineffective and weak politicians are actually major problem of the West. Just look who stay in charge in that same Europe and where they are leading it to with their precious multicultural approach and encouragement of the Muslim flow undermining the West from inside.

Do you believe that the future of Europe belongs to nationalistic elements?

All the current events testify to the fact. In France for instance Marine Le Pen sticks to nationalistic agenda and she is rather successful. And how are nationalistically minded people mostly treated in western countries? Just let’s recall Breivik. Yes, he highlighted many problems rather in a tough style, but the ideas he voiced are right. That mixture of pure European nations with immigrants from Africa and Asia, it is just killing Europe. The French and the German, the Swedes and the Norwegians have already faced this challenge. This is also the case with the Ukrainians. That’s why we’ve been getting in touch with all the nationalistic forces of Europe, being supportive of each other so that real power could belong to men of action rather than to loafers and those rotten with corruption politicians disguising their ineffectiveness with empty rhetoric.

Do you mean you are going to build ‘Nationalistic International’? Isn’t it your bid for participation on international political scene?

Well, I’d rather not mar that idea with the definitions in the style of communists. By the way, we’ll try to exempt communists at all from political landscape of Europe in nearest perspective. I am sure that nationalistic elements should unite to change present state of things. Some fighting cell has been already created in Ukraine and the guys have been upgrading their skills while fighting terrorists. We’ve found many followers in Poland, Scandinavian countries, Baltic states and our people are working there. Say, in Estonia we were much helped with the medical aid to Tarasenko. We’ll subdue terrorists in Ukraine by our joint effort to later place true patriots into the key ruling positions. We’ll do our best for this to occur. Patriots shed their blood for their country, they don’t just sit in their officers surfing the Internet. Then we’ll help our European brothers who side with us now. It’s high time we brought to senses that rotten through Europe obsessed with that multicultural approach. That is evil eliminating them and it may spread here too.

How do you think it must be in real life?

These are to be only peaceful methods. Peaceful Maidan in Ukraine has met many ends already and Europeans acknowledge this. That’s why we are ready to share Maidan experience to all the countries of the Old World in need of our help.


  1. At this rate Ukrainian neo-Nazis together with fanatic followers of Breivik from Scandinavian countries and Baltic States communicate "brown plaque" to the whole Europe! European leaders must stop to be indifferent to Ukrainian nationalists' coming to power now. Otherwise the next war in Europe will be inevitable and much bloodier than previous ones!

    1. I guess problem is a bit deeper than just neo-Nazis coming up in Ukraine. There is a certain source of neo-Nazism out of the Ukrainian borders.