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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

UPD That 'minor' Nuclear problem in Zaporizhzhya NPP, hackers reveal correspondence of the plant’s Director General Tishchenko

Ukrainian hackers has received correspondence of Zaporizhia NPP Director General Vyacheslav Tishchenko with his subordinates. "As it turned out, problems on the Plant began on November 28, when the third power unit was shut down due to the use of low grade foreign materials and fuel, which had been bought on the order from Kiev. In spite of the fact that the plant’s employees detected critical release of radiation on December 2, Director General Tishchenko ordered everybody to keep silent, or else all of them would be sent to fight in Donbass region as volunteers."

UPD 2. Dec 3, 2014 –  The significant spike in radioactivity in Latvia this past weekend COULD be related to “an accident” that has just been reported at a nuclear facility in the Ukraine.    


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  1. Hi Steven, I found some additional pieces, such as articles in Romanian literally mentioning they were tracking a radioactive cloud. See @


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