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Thursday, December 4, 2014

That 'minor' Nuclear problem in Zaporizhzhya NPP, Ukraine

That “minor problem”, that so called “short circuit” on the third bloc of the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant threatens to cause radioactive contamination of half of European lands! Chernobyl may look just trifle for us! And you may also bask in the memories of how it was on Fukushima (according to witnesses, explosions were heard at some Ukrainian locations distanced somewhat 50 km away from the Zaporizhzhya nuclear facility!) 

Strangely enough, it was impossible to get some more detailed information on the professional site of the Ukrainian employees working in nuclear sector for one simple reason – it stopped working just on that same day when the news about the “short circuit” appeared! So it’s really difficult to stay as calm as the Ukrainian energy minister is.

Matter of fact, the unpleasant unexpected things have been quite predictable on the Zaporizhzhya NPP which is actually the largest nuclear plant not only in Ukraine, but in whole Europe. No brainer actually. Those 6 WWER nuclear reactors of yet Soviet make (total power output 5700 MWe!) can be exploited safely provided the relevant nuclear fuel is supplied for them. But now this is a notoriously known US Westinghouse Company that has been supplying it to Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant!

Why “notoriously known” you may ask? It’s because another Chernobyl could well occur due to their fault …. You might be in the know of that accident on Temelin NPP in Czech Republic in the same context. I mean the same type of nuclear reactors and the same US company which also fitted the facility with its instrumentation and control system. Despite the vigorous effort of the Czechs to raise the plant’s reliability and safety up to EU standards, the American fuel elements got disfigured by radiation, lost their hermetic quality and radioactive water penetrated the loop of the reactors! This is not a minor problem (in professional slang it’s extremely dangerous so-called “banana effect”).  It was enough for Czechs to drop any further experiments with American fuel!

Thank goodness, that time there was no leakage of radiation over European lands! But it can occur or it’s already spreading over European countries. Mind, those Ukrainians are far from being same prudent and responsible as Czechs of Finnish people (they also dropped experiments with American nuclear fuel). Nutty Ukrainians are killing each other in eastern Ukraine. They are playing some really risky political games to develop cooperation with Americans. Let them kill each other! But when they start threatening European security, that’s quite a different thing you know. 


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