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Friday, December 12, 2014

Foreign policy of Germany and EU in exchange for technical capabilities of US intelligence - Merkel signs a deal with devil.

Ok, for now it has more than a year past since the NSA had to admit the fact of spying on Angela Merkel and 34 other foreign leaders.
Much water has run since then. And something says me that statistically 8 of 10 people in internet are sure that NSA certainly got enough dirt on German leader and it is still enough to keep Merkel on a short leash herself and to control the flow of foreign policy of her country and the EU on whole.  If the mainstream mass media are to be trusted, NSA is keeping more than 300 reports on German chancellor. If the rumors are to be trusted, Mr. President still daily receives NSA reports if Angela's wearing her favorite red panties or not.

But it turns that in reality there are no discrediting evidences against Merkel, there is a deal. Anonymous have recently appeared with quite reliable evidence that Merkel stroke a deal with Obama in exchange for an opportunity to make use of technical capabilities of US intelligence services against her opponents in Germany.
US defense attaché in Berlin colonel Gregory Broecker, in his letter to Chancellor's advisor on foreign and security policy Christoph Heusgen confirms that US is ready to honor the agreements reached previously by Merkel and Biden. Meanwhile the German leader has already honored it in full:


One can only guess now how exactly Merkel is going to use technical capabilities of US intelligence if not has already used it.

Gregor Gysi ? Sahra Wagenknecht ? Hans-Christian Ströbele  ? Carsten Spohr ? Michael Kemmer ? ??

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