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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Anonymous: European Mass Media Fraud

Up until recently all talks of intentional information campaigns of pro-american liberal forces in EU leadership against increasingly popular euroskeptics, who believe national interests of certain countries are a much greater priority than any initiative of Brussels, imposed from over the ocean, have stayed within the hoary conspiracy theories. However widely known Anonymous hackers have revealed facts confirming that large European liberal-leaning media have been directly involved in attacking Marine Le Pen’s Front National, Hungarian government of Viktor Orban and apparently other anti-EU parties: Alternative for Germany, Greek SYRIZA, Italian Five Star Movement, Spanish Podemos and others. This time the hackers dumped smartphone correspondence of Polish Gazeta Wyborcza editor Adam Michnik and Hungarian Nepszabadsag newspaper editor Karoly Voros.

As you can see Michnik, whose smartphone had been hacked, didn’t take a flight to Hungary because mysterious ‘they’ were against it.

Voros also mentioned unknown ‘friends’ who should ‘add some updates into already existing stop lists’ (obviously those banned from entering the USA) after they went public with ‘fat material on Ildiko’ (Hungarian Tax Office head who had been banned from entering U.S. on absolutely far-fetched accusations of corruption).

Michnik in his turn asked Voros to support their French colleagues who ‘got perfect fakes’ against Front National.

The Hungarian journalist implied that people in his country had been properly indoctrinated and were ready for political persecution of those who oppose turning the EU into a component of US globalization model. They only wait for the moment when ‘they start pressing nationalists in Ukraine’.

It’s not quite clear what Voros meant by ‘pressing nationalists in Ukraine’, still we may draw some conclusions. There’s some kind of information campaign going on in Ukraine against radical nationalists who actually made the revolution. They are now being pushed away from power by Ukrainian President Poroshenko creatures. So we may well assume that an exemplary punishment of committed defendants of national interests is being orchestrated it Ukraine, and it will be a starting point for an all-European ‘witch hunt’.


As you can see the prospect is not very favorable. Some forces plan to unleash information war and later totally eliminate those who stand for state sovereignty and defend national interests defying the ultra-liberal globalist model imposed from outside. They send a message to euroskeptics, saying that anyone who is against an artificially created project named ‘European Union’ will be mercilessly swept away from political stage. Practically this is an attempt to curb our freedoms and undermine core principles of democracy which prop up European society.

What will come out of it? By optimistic estimate, there will be violent street confrontations of pro and anti EU gangs in crucially weakened Germany and France, and there will be outright civil wars in PIGS and Eastern European countries.

Who benefits from this? Draw your own conclusions.    


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