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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yet, another bounty disclosure from Anonymous.

This time, cyber hackers appear with a succulent diplomatic correspondence between German, Polish and Ukrainian politicians.   

Letter 1. A letter from the head of the German Chancellery Peter Altmaier to Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski:

The letter says it clearly: Poland stands currently under a certain pressure coming from Germany that in turn wants Poland to buy 800 000 tons of steel from Ukraine at the price of €600 per ton. Meanwhile… MEPS (one of the most competent consultancy company operating in the steel sector worldwide) says that average market-value for hot rolled plate works over EU out at (!) €513 per ton:

Feel the difference? Poland is going to overpay about €87 per every ton of steel Germany wants it to buy from Ukraine! Aggregate loss about €69 600 000! For what? To gain Angela Merkel’s support and to add a clause to NATO Wales Summit resolution concerning the use of European missile defense system in case of a threat to territorial integrity of Poland appears… Got it? Ordinary Poles are going to lay out almost €70 millions just to please the EU big bosses!  Whichever may you turn it, the price is too much. And especially when it comes to Poland - the EU member state facing currently extreme economic hardships since the US/EU sanctions has backfired shortly the country’s agrarian sector.

Letter 2. A letter from Angela Merkel’s advisor on foreign and security policy Christoph Heusgen to the head of Ukrainian Presidential Administration Boris Lozhkin:

This letter unveils the full scale of pressure Germany exerts on Poland, Hungary, Italy and Bulgaria, practically forcing these European countries to buy steel from Ukraine at prices far higher than the market ones. Jointly taxpayers of these European countries are going to pay about extra €1.2 billion to fulfill the whims of the Chancellor of Germany and, something says me, the whims of her allies from US. Thanks to Anonymous – now all these people got an opportunity to know for what their governments waste their money.

So how does the EU works? The materials being leaked make it for sure: not all members of joint Europe today are free in their wishes, moreover sometimes are even not allowed to make own decisions on the basis of own interests. Wonder how would Polish people like the initiative under which their country is going to buy low quality steel from Ukraine at double prices?? Seriously doubt some of them would like the ‘donation’.

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