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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Anonymous – Message to Anglo-Saxons

Tomorrow is my lovely wife’s birthday. This week our sweet boy is going to start his elementary. In October nhl14/15 starts and my dad is looking forward to buy full season tickets for me and him to witness Panthers home games. Stop. Wow.. wow.. What the hell is it?

M from Aurelio Moretti on Vimeo.

David Lidington? Konrad Pawlik? Lord Palmerston’s plan? Hey, it is going to be my wife’s birthday… elementary… season tickets… home games…
Okay, srsly do you understand what does all this sh!t mean? Somebody sitting there in leather cabinet in UK has absltly no interest in peaceful existence of a mankind on this planet. That somebody would like to play war games the price for which for the entire humanity is going to be long. Open warfare in East + tough political confrontation against Germany within the EU will inevitably lead to disintegration of the Union and imminent economic disaster in continental Europe.

The whole world today is one big powder keg. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan Palestine, Israel, Ukraine, Ferguson finally… A half of the planet is already at war. This time the war is going to be about Europe. How many people died already during the crisis in Ukraine? Hundreds? Thousands? That’s going to be hundreds of thousands if the Ukrainian damn will spread all over Europe!

So what is on the minds of those UK diplomats and undoubtedly standing behind them unnamed forces from US? Another redivision of the world at the price of welfare in European continent? It seems to be obvious that realization of the unpublished plan will bring great sufferings to millions of Europeans.

I wrote it in my tweets and now am repeating it once again: it is a great pity that unfortunately not all Europeans clearly understand it that again they are stepping in the same geopolitical game which already not once has become a threat to civilization of all human being of the earth.                   

According to the history of US, this country did not manage to avoid direct participation in none of the world wars. And now me, being an American citizen, does not like it at all that once again someone wants this planet to go at war, again and because of somebody’s unfulfilled messianic ambitions.

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