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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hey there!

Hey there! Me startin this room in the name of... emmm..ok, just let it be in the name of my cat. My name is Steven (hi all!), I was born in Sweden but make now my living in US, Florida. Immigrat? May be, but be sure a proud immigrant to this country. Unhappy US taxpayer. Yes, me exactly one of the recent members that registered here just to be heard. Sick of lies. The amount of information mass media spread is enormous. Pityfully little people nowadays give themselves that trouble to check the info they do receive and to draw own conclusions. Please, don't listen me or trust me. Because what I want is to raise your doubts. Listen no one and do not believe either. Do your own research if you surely care to know the truth.

Hey there! and let that be a starting point to this blog.       

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