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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A few thoughts on modern journalism, if you please.

Ok, just as I’ve already said it in the very first post of this blog, you are to believe neither me nor the stuff I’m sharing here. Now welcome!

So-So Journalism.

Basically, it seems to me that times when journalism was about giving people objective, true and confident information have already become a thing of past. To my great personal regret, today modern journalism is about forming, you know, the only ‘right’ public opinion for all possible scandals and important happenings on this planet. Thus people receive no confident facts and reliable information about current events. Let me say the problem with modern journalists is that they actually leave us with practically no ground to choose, analyze, make any research and finally without a feed to make own conclusions. In other words we do not receive information from journalists now as it is. But we do receive a kind of a final product instead, a final opinion with absolutely no alternative. VA scandal, Bow Bergdahl, Bengazi… Didn’t you notice how carefully and mildly practically all news agencies in the US report on the issues which happen to be most vital for the American society? Yeah, surely, every news agency redactor earn his/her corn and one must be a fair idiot to spit upwind before his own face. There’s one government in this country and it is far from being multipolar.

So Do ‘Alternatives’ Exist?

Well, just let’s take it as it is: sometimes (always?) media spread lies. In every country on this planet local media cannot but swim in close ties with politics. Politics in every country is full of dirt and is sometimes (always?) based on lies. But who would prevent me or you from picking up the same info from different resources (Known to be lying? Ok. Proved to be openly propagandist? Ok. Unveiled to be paid? Ok. Only you and me are to choose)? Why won’t people be allowed to sort out the info on their own, to like or dislike it, to trust it or ignore?? Believe me sometimes it appears to be extremely discouraging to face somewhere a portion of stuff, which for instance in the US they do not allow by all possible means to show up. But don’t get me wrong here please, I do not insist on boycotting popular and well-known official mass media, here’s just an offer to start using alternative resources of getting info, an offer to compare it with official one, to make own research and finally form own personal opinion. Quit eating everything journalists want you to eat. Look, in twitter I follow many people who are now keeping eye on the crisis in Ukraine and report what is happening. These people are doing really great job. They are my alternative sources! Why would I trust people whom I do not personally even know? As least these people are bringing me pure facts, photos, graphics, documents etc in their twits. There’s no announcer between me and those people, no redactor, no sound control supervisor… I’m just getting it as it is.

So what? To believe blindly in everything journalists bring up to you or try to sort the information thoroughly, make analyze and own personal opinion?  Every person on the planet is to choose privately for his own. The question is how far we’re interested in knowing the truth, in owning it and sharing it with other people.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Curious Case of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl

smth's definitely starting to make me think that Bergdahl and that dubious swap of him is just a part of a big show behind which Obama's Administration indeed holds much greater ties with Taliban  

(sorry for foxnews)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hey there!

Hey there! Me startin this room in the name of... emmm..ok, just let it be in the name of my cat. My name is Steven (hi all!), I was born in Sweden but make now my living in US, Florida. Immigrat? May be, but be sure a proud immigrant to this country. Unhappy US taxpayer. Yes, me exactly one of the recent members that registered here just to be heard. Sick of lies. The amount of information mass media spread is enormous. Pityfully little people nowadays give themselves that trouble to check the info they do receive and to draw own conclusions. Please, don't listen me or trust me. Because what I want is to raise your doubts. Listen no one and do not believe either. Do your own research if you surely care to know the truth.

Hey there! and let that be a starting point to this blog.